Karman Update

As of 6:00 PM yesterday, February 9, 2016, all of the visual effects work on Karman has been officially completed.  This entire post-production experience has been a huge challenge and required dozens of 3AM-or-later nights to complete, but it has been a huge learning experience and given me a wealth of new experience.  But that’s another conversation for another time.  For now, without giving anything away, here are some of my favorite stills from the film. I’m pretty happy with how they came out given my experience level with this stuff, and I’m excited to see where I can go from here.


04BTH ADA FF02 Reference.00_01_42_20.Still00104BTH ADA FF02 Reference.00_02_05_16.Still00204BTH ADA FF02 Reference.00_02_27_02.Still00304BTH ADA FF02 Reference.00_02_32_05.Still00404BTH ADA FF02 Reference.00_03_01_10.Still00504BTH ADA FF02 Reference.00_03_35_19.Still00604BTH ADA FF02 Reference.00_04_35_20.Still00704BTH ADA FF02 Reference.00_06_23_00.Still00804BTH ADA FF02 Reference.00_06_47_00.Still009


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