The VR Project: Post 2

Over the past several weeks, I have been working as the Post Production Supervisor and 1st Assistant Director on Florida State University’s first cinematic narrative virtual reality short film.

As I mentioned in a prior post, The VR Project: Post 1, I have been doing independent research into cinematic VR for quite some time now.  Because of this research, I was asked to join a larger team of faculty, alumni, and current students to help take on a full fledged VR production.  Given my experience with a large suite of VR softwares and post-production tools, I initially joined the team as the Post Production Supervisor and got to work developing a scalable workflow.  But as the production start date grew nearer, I was asked to temporarily switch hats and serve as the production’s 1st Assistant Director as well.  I was a little nervous to take this responsibility on because I haven’t been a 1st AD professionally before – only on student films – and I knew we were flying in some notable alumni from Los Angeles to work with us on this project.  However, Director Greg Marcks and Director of Photography George Reasner definitely pushed me to be my best and I believe I learned and grew a tremendous amount.  I also have to give a major shout out to 2nd AD Lily Ziegler for all her help along the way.

The production is over now and I am back to work as the Post Production Supervisor.  The project was shot on the Nokia Ozo, and managing the files from the Ozo has been a real challenge as they are so large and can only be processed with proprietary softwares; however, I think we cooked up a solid workflow solution and now our offline edit is done.  I have to give a big thanks to Gabe Souza and Geoff Stegmeyer for all of their help in implementing our workflow – it was not an easy task and took many late nights!  Now that all of our files have been processed and stitched, we are ready to start visual effects.  During the VFX phase, I will be serving as a compositor.  Super stoked to keep working on the project!

Here are some photos from the four-day shoot taken by our great BTS team Mark Breedlove, Jackson Tarpley, and Evan Barber.


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