Kennedy Space Center – Black and White

I recently visited Kennedy Space Center (again).  After coming across this website about Raiders of the Lost Ark in black and white, an article about lighting for black and white cinematography, and also a blog post floating around somewhere on the internet (which I’m sure I’ll never find again) about interesting techniques for shooting black and white, I decided to set my camera into monochrome for a good portion of the day.  Typically, I would just shoot in color and then process the images black and white later in post.  But by shooting in black and white, I found myself wandering around the space center looking much more intentionally for distinct shapes, lines, and points of contrast that might lend themselves nicely to black and white.  It was a fun creative exercise.  I’ll probably try to do it more in the future.  It’s amazing how when you take away just one thing you take for granted, your entire approach to composing an image can change.



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